Unsupported Tesla Cars of Ukrainian Owners Can Now Charge Freely on Superchargers in Countries Bordering Ukraine

Unsupported Tesla Cars of Ukrainian Owners Can Now Charge Freely on Superchargers in Countries Bordering Ukraine

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Unsupported Tesla cars of Ukrainian owners get the opportunity to charge for free on Superchargers in European countries near the Ukrainian border. The company once again showed concern for people who are fleeing the war.

Through Russia's aggressive attack on Ukraine, more than four million Ukrainians, in fear for their lives, left their homeland. Among them were the owners of Tesla cars, who received support from the company in the form of free charging on Superchargers in European countries bordering Ukraine. However, not everyone was able to take advantage of this generous gesture of goodwill.

The problem was that a big part of the Tesla vehicles in Ukraine are cars that have been bought from other countries around the world after they have been in an accident. Due to the fact that car repairs in Ukraine are relatively inexpensive, for the poorer population of the country, buying and then repairing a car after an accident is a good deal for still a very good car.

However, Tesla vehicles that were sold after an accident and were not repaired at official service centers are marked by the company as unsupported. This is a natural step, since the manufacturer can no longer be held responsible for a vehicle that has been tampered with by third parties. Tesla also cannot give absolutely any guarantees that these vehicles are working properly, therefore blocking them from being able to charge on the Supercharger for safety reasons.

Thus, in an effort to save lives, and given that many Ukrainian Tesla owners have unsupported vehicles, the company made an exception. The manufacturer unlocked for them the possibility of free charging on Superchargers in European countries, near the Ukrainian border. Tesla, addressed to owners, said:

"Supported Tesla vehicles can access free Supercharging near the Ukraine border. Your Tesla vehicle is unsupported and does not have access to Supercharging due to safety reasons.

Despite your vehicle's status as an unsupported vehicle, we have decided to enable Supercharging.

As unsupported vehicles do not have Supercharging activated due to safety reasons, you will have to Supercharge your vehicle at your own risk.*

We hope that this will help you and your family or friends to safely leave the country.

Safe travels, The Tesla Team."

This gesture of Tesla once again reminds us of the boundless kindness and responsiveness of the manufacturer. Tesla's goal is to help humanity, and the company does this in any way it can. Ukrainian owners of unsupported Tesla cars are sincerely grateful to the company for its support and care.

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