Used Tesla Model Y Price in China Exceeds Original Purchase Price

Used Tesla Model Y Price in China Exceeds Original Purchase Price

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According to a study by several car sales platforms in China, used Tesla Model Y prices are higher than the original purchase price. Now owners can get about $3,800 more than what they paid.

The vast majority of Tesla Model Y vehicles listed for sale on several online used car platforms in China are priced above RMB 300,000 ($47,000). That is about $3,800 more than what their owners originally paid at purchase.

"The only used NEVs in our store right now are Tesla vehicles, and they are selling like hotcakes, basically selling one for every one that comes in," China Business Journal (via CnEVPost) quoted a used car dealer. The data shows that consumer perceptions of used NEVs vary, with Tesla cars being popular and priced above their original cost.

"The price of a Tesla Model Y was about RMB 276,000 in September 2021, but because you now need to wait about half a year to get a new car delivered, the price of a used car has now gone up to slightly more than RMB 300,000," the report quoted a used car dealer in Shanghai as saying, adding that "we are getting used cars at a higher price than new cars."

Tesla cars are highly popular, but the company's production capacity has not yet been able to cope with the growing demand. This leads to queues in order execution, which means that customers cannot receive the car as quickly as they would like. That is why many are willing to pay more for a used car, but get the long-awaited Model Y right away.

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