Vast Majority of Institutions Will Own Crypto by 2026, Research Shows

Vast Majority of Institutions Will Own Crypto by 2026, Research Shows


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and are attracting high interest not only from private but also from institutional investors. New research by a company operating in broad financial markets shows that by 2026, the vast majority of institutions will own crypto.

A Fidelity Digital Assets survey found that 90% of institutional investors plan to own cryptocurrency by 2026, according to Decrypt. The highest interest has been seen in Asia, while investors in Europe and the US are also beginning to show optimism. According to the study, the number of institutional investors holding crypto assets has skyrocketed and will continue to grow in the future.

The results showed that 70% of institutional investors intend to buy or invest in digital assets in the near future, with over 90% of them planning to do so by 2026. Today, there are more and more discussions about cryptocurrencies and their role, so the growing interest in their ownership is natural.

Despite the fact that representatives of the crypto industry regularly publish optimistic surveys, the results of Fidelity deserve special attention. Fidelity Digital Assets is a large company that has influence in the broader financial markets.

Tom Jessop, the president of the firm, attributes the bullish findings to a "growing sophistication" toward crypto among professional money managers, and new attitudes are borne of recent crises. “The pandemic—and fiscal and monetary measures in response to it—has been a catalyst for many institutional investors to define their investment thesis and operationalize it," he said in a statement.

The survey looked at the views of over 1,100 institutional investors from the US, Europe, and Asia. It defined crypto ownership as owning digital assets directly or investing in companies in the crypto field. To date, Asian investors are significantly more familiar with cryptocurrency than in other parts of the world, but investors in the US and Europe are catching up quickly.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that institutions still have some doubts. Investors cited volatility and market manipulation of prices as the main deterrent to cryptocurrency purchases.

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