We need Tesla Cybertruck ASAP!!!

We need Tesla Cybertruck ASAP!!!

Yes, the performance characteristics of Cybertruck in combination with a very pleasant price are awesome and beyond doubt and any sensible person will not dispute this. But, while some people don't perceive the appearance of Cybertruck and make fun of it, other people admire it exterior and look forward to completing their order.

The characteristics of Tesla Cybertruck allow you to use it for a variety of purposes.

First of all, it can be a great, unique and super-safe family car. 6 seats, a large cargo compartment, robust construction and appearance that will impress any modern child.

Cybertruck will become indispensable during a trip with your family out of town. Thanks to the presence of an outlet directly in the car, you can take an electric stove with you and cook dinner for your loved ones, connect a portable refrigerator so that the food doesn't get spoiled or charge a children's toy for your kids.

Image: Tesla

The body of Cybertruck is made of heavy-duty cold-rolled stainless steel, which is 30 times stronger than ordinary sheet metal. Therefore, you should not worry about possible scratches and dents on it. As the test shows, even from the blows of a sledgehammer, the metal from which the car is made doesn't change its appearance.


Cybertruck boasts many stunning specifications: the most expensive version should have a maximum range of 500 miles, the ability to tow 14,000 pounds and accelerate from 0 to 60 miles in 2.9 seconds.

These characteristics make Cybertruck an incredibly suitable car for the police. Most criminals will find it hard to get away from a vehicle that accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds (even if criminals try to run away on a Porsche 911).

Official account in Twitter of Kansas Highway Patrol PIO serving North Central Kansas (USA) and Dubai Police (UAE) already expressed its interest in using Cybertruck for the necessities of their police stations


Given all the functions and features of Cybertruck, it can also be used as a vehicle for rescue and fire services. Its cross-country ability, body strength, the presence of a HEPA air filtration system with a protective regime against biological weapons make it an ideal candidate for this. Thanks to the power outlet, tools that can help in the rescue operation can be connected to the vehicle. Also, a variety of medical devices can be connected to the outlet, which can help save the lives of people who have suffered.

 Image: YouTube Bob Berdinke

Image: YouTube Bob Berdinke

In addition, many other people became interested in Cybertruck.
Another prominent figure from another industry has requested a Cybertruck design from Elon Musk. Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, a gaming hardware manufacturing company, has requested a Cybertruck themed with his company’s logo and color scheme. Tan tweeted the Tesla CEO on November 25, sending a Razer Cybertruck, along with a question regarding Tesla’s status in his home country of Singapore.

Cybertruck also be great for delivery services. It has a large bed, which allows you to carry various cargo. I think that over time, Tesla's service department will also use Cybertruck.

Many companies will also be interested in using Cybertruck. All sides of the truck are an excellent platform for advertising.

Tesmanian also eagerly awaits Tesla Cybertruck.

Featured image Reddit U / 4mula_One and Eva Fox

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