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Walmart Abandons Lawsuit against Tesla over Rooftop Fires


Walmart has dropped its lawsuit against Tesla, which claimed the next-gen company's solar panels had caused seven rooftop fires. The two companies seem to have amicably reconciled since Walmart has decided to continue its business relationship with Tesla. 

Walmart submitted an official court filing to drop the lawsuit against Tesla on Monday, November 4, reported Business Insider. Walmart's reason for dropping the case was briefly stated on the document in big, bold letters, saying "voluntary discontinuance without prejudice." 

Walmart and Tesla are waiting for the court's approval of their settlement and the case to be dismissed. The two companies had reached a settlement between themselves, which prompted Walmart to drop its lawsuit. Details of their private agreement outside the court have not been released to the public, stated Reuters.

However, Walmart has decided to keep the 240 Tesla solar systems installed in it's various stored nationwide. A Walmart representative shared the news in an official joint statement by the companies.

"Walmart and Tesla are pleased to have resolved the issues raised by Walmart concerning the Tesla solar installations at Walmart stores. Safety is a top priority for each company, and with the concerns being addressed, we both look forward to a safe re-energization of our sustainable energy systems," the representative said. 

When news of the lawsuit broke, Walmart harshly criticized Tesla for its negligence and blamed the company for seven rooftop store fires that occurred from 2012 to 2018. The retail company seemed to mellow out when news spread that the company may have filed the lawsuit to terminate its financial ties with Tesla, so it didn't have to pay for the power its solar systems had generated, as per their prior agreement.

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