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by Eva Fox November 15, 2019

Recently, at a Tesla investor conference, Elon Musk warned that an update is expected for Models 3, X and S, which will output 5% more power, which means that car owners get an improvement in their car for free.

And the update has arrived. This is the version 2019.36.2.1, which was going to give this additional power, but we should not take anything on faith if this is not verified using empirical data. And one of YouTube users did it.

Does the car really have more power?

Her name is Jenny Walsh, and she has two identical Tesla Model 3 (in terms of performance, engine, etc.). So she decided to check if this extra power was available when we upgrade the car to this latest version.

In the video we leave below, you can see two models 3: one white, on which the update is installed, and the other red, left in the previous version (2019 32.12.2). Otherwise, for the test, the cars offered the same conditions: the same tire pressure, battery charge and even the lowered windows at the start of the race.




In general, the cars tested this starting power in three races in parallel, and in all of them it was possible to make sure that the white car came out with more force than its competitor, making it clear that this update seems to be taking effect from the same moment, when it was downloaded.

Jenny's husband, Danny, says in the video: “We ran our cars many times, and they were always the same, so we wanted to see if this update really marked a big difference [...] The results were quite amazing. "

That is, they have already conducted similar tests many times and the result for two cars has always been identical. Only now, when a new update came out, they saw the difference.

Tesla was able to increase power supply because they found optimizations for engine control, which meant that they were able to increase range and power for all cars in the fleet.

Remember that Tesla cars are among the few on the market that get new features and improvements simply by updating their firmware wirelessly, resulting in improvements such as Smart Summon or Netflix and YouTube, more video games, security measures, etc.



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