Wolfeboro Police Department Goes Electric with Donated 2021 Tesla Model Y

Wolfeboro Police Department Goes Electric with Donated 2021 Tesla Model Y

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The Wolfeboro police have begun testing a new cruiser, the 2021 Tesla Model Y. The police department is now electric, thanks to a donation, and the vehicle will become the first Tesla police car in New Hampshire.

Tesla vehicles are increasingly becoming the choice of the police, however, sometimes, in order to accelerate development, responsible and generous people donate them to police stations. The donor recently donated Tesla Model S to the Village of Gates Mills PD. It is now known that the family, who wished to remain anonymous, donated a 2021 Tesla Model Y to the Wolfeboro Police Department in New Hampshire.

This donation was originally announced in March from the Town of Wolfeboro Budget Committee Minutes. Matt Plache stated he is aware of the anonymous donation of a Tesla to the Police Department to use as a patrol vehicle, which will be fully outfitted including retrofitting the building to accommodate the power supply for the vehicle. He stated he hopes the BOS will seriously consider accepting the grant. Despite the fact that the acceptance of the donation raised some doubts, the commission ultimately accepted it.

Tesla Model Y is now on watch at the Wolfeboro PD. For the first time, a car with police stickers was spotted by a local W. Alexander/Twitter on July 4. However, the locals did not know any details about the new police car at the time.

Now representatives of the Wolfeboro police have shared some details, Tesla North reports. The police accepted the donation to assess the vehicle's performance and see if it would actually be useful to the city. "We've been tracking the data coming back from those deployments so we can see if this is something that will be beneficial to Wolfeboro," said Police Commissioner Steve Wood. "Certainly right now, it's proving to be a very capable vehicle."

The police expect to save a lot on the Tesla Model Y, and judging from the experience of other police stations in the United States, they will succeed. "Obviously, we're looking forward to the great savings in petroleum products and repair parts that we expect to see, but the jury is still out," said Police Chief Dean Rondeau. He said that the PD expects the car to be part of the police fleet for at least 10 years.

He noted that Model Y is very versatile and has a lot of space. The car is assigned to Capt. Mark Livie, who said that he had to spend some time learning how to use the car since many functions are controlled through the central screen. "Everything is on it, wipers to air, so everything is controlled," he said. "There's nothing in the middle of the center console, which you're used to on a normal vehicle."

Livie praised Model Y's noiselessness, saying it was beneficial. "It definitely does give some advantage when you're going to a call, or, basically, you can kind of slow approach a residence or a business, and no one's going to hear you in this kind of vehicle," he said.

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