Tesla Model 3 Is Most Coveted Imported Electric Vehicle in Japan

Tesla Model 3 Is Most Coveted Imported Electric Vehicle in Japan

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The presence of electric vehicles in Japan is weighed down by some specific complexities. Since the country is home to the world's most popular auto brands that produce petrol-powered car models, the local population is more skeptical about electric vehicles. For several years Tesla has been trying to win the sympathy of the Japanese and seems to be on the right track. As a result of recent research, it turned out that Tesla Model 3 is the most coveted imported electric vehicle that the Japanese would like to own.

Current Motor, which operates Foreign Car King's imported car service, has done some research among people interested in imported cars, Yahoo! News reported. The results showed that Tesla Model 3 took first place amongst EVs the Japanese would choose to own.

The poll was conducted from June 8 to July 7 and included 254 men and women interested in imported cars. Despite the fact that most people in Japan prefer ICE cars, the results showed that 42.5% of respondents would like to buy an electric car, while 57.5% would not like to have such a car. Considering the general situation in the Japanese automotive market, the fact that more than 42% wish to buy an electric car is a fairly high figure, depicting a positive trend.

The respondents also named the main reasons why they do not want to own an EV. One of the main reasons is that electric vehicles have a short range. However, in the case of Tesla cars, this is not a problem. Another equally important reason is the lack of wide charging infrastructure, especially near consumers' residences. Respondents also cited the lack of engine sound as one of the reasons they don't want to own an electric car.

Among those surveyed who responded that they would like to purchase an imported electric vehicle, Tesla Model 3 received the most votes, compared to EVs from manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Audi, which have many fans in Japan.

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