Woman Who Protested atop Tesla Car at Auto Show Loses another Lawsuit

Woman Who Protested atop Tesla Car at Auto Show Loses another Lawsuit

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A woman who protested atop a Tesla car at an auto show in China lost another lawsuit against the company. She had previously lost a related privacy lawsuit against Tesla.

Zhang Yazhou, a Tesla customer who climbed on one of the maker's cars at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, has lost yet another lawsuit, according to technode. It reportedly recently received a statement from the Chinese courts that Tesla was not liable for any reputational damage it may have suffered. This news came from the manufacturer on its official Weibo account.

Zhang also previously lost a related privacy lawsuit against Tesla after the company provided a one-minute data log to a Chinese media agency prior to an accident involving its Model 3 sedan in April 2021.

Zhang has been suing Tesla since her car was involved in an accident in 2021. Already in the spring of 2021, police found the driver guilty after the father of the protesting woman crashed into two cars in February and injured two people in a Tesla Model 3. He was driving at 118.5 km/h (73 mph) in local areas, well above the limit. In addition, the driver did not keep a safe distance from other vehicles, which also caused the accident. Nevertheless, despite the police report and information from Tesla, the woman continued to claim that the car had a brake system failure.

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