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Soft Cooler for Tesla Model X


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    1. Heavy Duty Nylon shell with waterproof material
    2. Lightweight and durable, puncture and tear resistant
    3. Made with Eco-Friendly, non toxic, odorless and recyclable materials
    4. Holds up to 52 cans of beverage
    5. UV resistant to prevent fading
    6. Comes with a glass bottle beverage opener
    7. 2 ways to carry: using straps or grab the side handles
    8. Fits into Tesla Model X Front Trunk

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Model X and Model 3 mats

I bought rubber mats for my Model X and they all fit perfectly. They look super nice, as well. The quality is great! I love the frunk mat and the cargo mat is my absolute favorite. I bought a frunk mat and a cargo storage mat for my husbands model 3 and he loves them, as well. He bought his cabin rubber mats from Tesla and the Tesmanian mats are just as nice and MUCH more reasonable. We also bought the trunk organizer in black for both cars and we both use those all of the time. They fold up, have more space than you would think, and have pockets on the outsides, as well. The only negative is that they get chalky very quickly(after the first use), I am going to coat them with a protectant from Chemical Guys and see how that works. Great products and great prices. Thanks Tesmanian for giving Tesla owners other high quality options, at reasonable prices!! You guys should add wheels to the cooler and I will buy that one, too!! :)

Quick and accurate

I ordered the full set of floor mats and a soft cooler for the model Y. Everything fit as expected and the items were received quickly.

Great cooler for my groceries

I love having this cooler that fits in the front trunk and keeps my refrigerated groceries cold until I get home. The only complain I have is the zipper is very hard to use so I just leave it unzipped.

Heat insert

Would be great to get an insert (within the cooler) that can keep food warm...take out/pick up

Too Cool Cooler!

Superfast shipping, awesome cooler fits perfectly in the Frunk and holds a ton! Stayed ice cold with very little melting from Cocoa Beach FL to Myrtle Beach SC!

Tesmanian Cooler

Good quality and very functional.

Nice Size

Perfect size for both the frunk and the sub trunk. The zipper’s a bit tight, but I expect it will loosen over time. I do wish there were another color choice, however.

GREAT - PERFECT SIZE cooler for a Tesla X and Y

We have both an X and soon a Y (Tesla's). When I bought the first cooler for the X, I loved it. It is awesome. We keep it in the "fronk" (front trunk) and it just stays there. The ice pods that come with it are in the freezer and we just take them out and put them in the cooler when we go on a trip or to the grocery store. I bought a Y (gets delivered Nov 28 and this is why I bought the second one. I actually bought the 2nd Tesmanian before even getting the car. When it arrives, we will do the same as the X - put it in the frunk and it will stay there as needed. We live in the Florida Key and Lake Tahoe and are huge Yeti fans and have tons of their products and they are awesome as well, but they are not for a Tesla. And, I would buy a Tesmanian hard case or cup if they made one at a better price - Yeti are stupid expensive in my opinion. These Tesmanian coolers are incredible and keep everything you have cool, as long as you would ever need them cool. Amazing to see that in a "soft" cooler. GREAT JOB TESMAMIAM!! Thanks for making a great and functional product!


Soft Cooler for Tesla Model 3


Everything was great. Fits into trunk space nicely and is perfect for lunches, and snacks for the kids.

Perfect for Outdoor

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