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2021 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Cup Holder Stabilizer Insert
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2021 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Cup Holder Stabilizer Insert

    1. Custom design Cup Holder Stabilizer Insert for Tesla Model Y and Model 3
    2. Soft Rubber material which snuggly hold beverages, prevent spillage
    3. Made with Soft Rubber TPE material, Non-toxic and odorless
    4. Fitment: 2021 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 (with Updated Center Console)

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Customer Reviews

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D.J. (Knoxville, US)
Good fit, works great!

The insert fits flush and provides a good secure place to put drinks. I prefer the insert over the wedge because you can take the whole thing out to clean.

Nicholas Yatco (Castro Valley, US)

2021 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Cup Holder Stabilizer Insert

Jeff Kasten (Boca Raton, US)
Perfect fit! Looks like it’s factory installed.

Very impressed with this insert. It fits perfectly and really looks like it’s factory installed. Great quality too.

Need it

Keeps your drinks upright, must have.. Nothing else to say.

Steve Ryang (Nampa, US)
Pretty good inserts.

For the most part I like these inserts. They fit very well, they have nice little lip around the edge for maximum coverage, and obviously they will protect against any spills and make it easy to clean. The only real problem I have are the little nubs that stick out to hold your beverage. They are a little too stiff so inserting a drink takes a little too much effort and will require you to be extra careful to not crush a paper cup from a drive-thru and spill your drink. And when pulling the drink, it will pull the insert along with it unless you wiggle your drink out (also without bending the cup). It's a minor gripe but if those nubs were a tiny bit more pliable the inserts would be almost perfect. Also, the price of these inserts are a little bit too high.

MaryJacolyn Pavlak (Port Angeles, US)
Cup holder

I’m finally getting my Tesla Y on Friday but the cup holder and floor mats look amazing!

Daisy Medrano
Tesla y mats

All mats fit excellent. Also, great customer service and they responded back to me with questions I had.

Lajuan Hughes (Santa Rosa, US)
Worked great. glad I got them.

It worked will good keeping your drink stablized.

Victor Jerome (Philadelphia, US)
It's pretty good.

Fits great. Looks great. Only issue is that some cups are so tight (think large LaMadeleine coffee cups) that they tend to pull the liner out with them when lifting the cup. Other than that, great product!

Monica Braakman (Irvine, US)

2021 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Cup Holder Stabilizer Insert