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Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Windshield Sunshade
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Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Windshield Sunshade

    1. Custom Design Sunshade for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Windshield
    2. Made with lightweight UV silver coating and black breathable fabric material with a collapsible rigid frame
    3. Durable and effectively reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    4. Easily removable, foldable and compact design, takes minimum space to store in your vehicle
    5. Sunshade is collapsible and store in the provided pouch
    6. Fitment: 2020-2022 Tesla Model Y and 2018-2022 Tesla Model 3
    1. 2022 Tesla Model Y
    2. 2021 Tesla Model Y
    3. 2020 Tesla Model Y
    4. 2022 Tesla Model 3
    5. 2021 Tesla Model 3
    6. 2020 Tesla Model 3
    7. 2019 Tesla Model 3
    8. 2018 Tesla Model 3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Halbert Slagle
Sun Shades

Good quality and great fit!

Barbara Kwan (Los Angeles, US)
Sunroof shade

The roof seems good but I does sagged in the middle.

Diana Verduzco (Goodyear, US)

Glass Roof Sunshade Clips - 4 pieces

Jean W (San Diego, US)
Good fit

Great fit to Tesla Y!

Cody Scott (Corpus Christi, US)
It’s good.

It fits well and seems sturdy and looks good. The magnets work ok..we went over a bump and both magnets fell off making the shade droop..but isn’t the end of the world. Still a good product. Recommend buying.

Chinedu Nweze (Escondido, US)

Tesla Model Y Sunshade (Glass Roof) - Version 2

E k Kelly (Sandy, US)

Glass Roof Sunshade Magnets - 2 pieces

Connie Lathrop (San Rafael, US)

The shad is nicely made and fits well, but rather tricky to fold for storage.

Gayle C (Sacramento, US)
windshield sunshade recommended!

Good quality and perfect fit for my Tesla Model Y!

William E (Orlando, US)
Too Good to Be True

If you write anything but a four or five star review it will be deleted. This is not a great product. It could be vastly improved by using plastic ribs or staves instead of cheesy magnets adhered to the glass that fall down in a week. While the shade absolutely reduces heat it sags and is difficult to install and remove and then re-install.