142 Tesla Megapacks Replace Fossil Fuel-Powered Peaker Plant in California, Shows Company Video

142 Tesla Megapacks Replace Fossil Fuel-Powered Peaker Plant in California, Shows Company Video

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Arevon Asset Management launched the Saticoy battery storage system in Ventura County, California, northwest of Los Angeles. The 100 MW/400 MWh energy storage system consists of 142 Tesla large-scale lithium-ion batteries, Megapacks, and has replaced the fossil fuel-powered peaker plant construction. Tesla released a video detailing the installation of the large system at Oxnard.

The system was acquired by Arevon, a division of global asset management company Capital Dynamics, together with infrastructure developer S&B USA Energy. Power from the site is being supplied to Southern California Edison under a 20-year purchase agreement.

The Saticoy battery storage system uses 142 Tesla Megapacks. At the site level, Megapack requires 40% less space and 10x fewer parts than current systems on the market. As a result, this high-density, modular system can be installed 10x faster than current systems, so it is an obvious solution for large projects.

“On hot days when the grid is struggling to keep up, the Saticoy battery storage facility will help keep the lights on and air conditioners running with on-demand, local electricity,” said John Breckenridge, head of Clean Energy Infrastructure at Capital Dynamics. “We’re proud to have worked with Arevon, our asset management affiliate, Strata Clean Energy, the county, and local utility Southern California Edison to improve grid reliability.”

Previously, a gas peaker plant was supposed to be built in Oxnard, Ventura County, but local residents and community leaders helped stop this. As a result, it was decided to install a battery energy storage system. Arevon completed the project in just nine months. Now, the energy stored at the facility can power the city of Oxnard for four hours or the entire Ventura County for 30 minutes.

“Saying no to a gas peaker plant and yes to battery-stored energy has provided our community with a nonpolluting power plant, increased our tax base, and created good jobs and ultimately better health for the people,” said Carmen Ramirez, Ventura County District 5 Supervisor. “This project is truly a testament to Oxnard's determination and resilience to modernize and better our community.”

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