SpaceX Starlink Internet service is now available across all of Colombia

SpaceX Starlink Internet service is now available across all of Colombia

SpaceX Starlink internet service is now available across all of Colombia, the company announced on February 3rd. People who are interested in the service can type their address to see the service cost at the company's official webiste: SpaceX is rapidly expanding Starlink coverage with every new fleet of satellites it launches to orbit on a weekly basis. A week ago, the service became available in Peru. Chile was the first country in South America to connect rural communities to Starlink in September 2021, followed by Brazil in 2022 after SpaceX founder Elon Musk met with Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro and the Minister of Communications Fábio Faria to discuss bringing internet connectivity to the most remote places and the Amazon rainforest. The company quickly delivered Starlink terminals to rural schools in Brazil.



SpaceX also shared the website link of the Starlink service coverage map [] which provides approximate dates of when Starlink will expand to more countries in South America and Central America. During the first quarter this year SpaceX aims to also connect Ecuador and Panama, by the second quarter it aims to connect Costa Rica and El Salvador. The internet service could expand to areas in Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina sometime by 2024. 



As of today, SpaceX operates approximately 3,582 internet-beaming Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provide service to over one million subscribers globally. The company has approval to launch up to 7,500 more Starlink satellites that will feature upgraded second-generation (Gen2) broadband technology to increase the internet’s capabilities. For more information about the service visit SpaceX’s official website

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