Elon Musk Confirms Twitter's Plans to Expand Tweets to 4,000 Characters

Elon Musk Confirms Twitter's Plans to Expand Tweets to 4,000 Characters
Elon Musk has confirmed plans to expand the number of characters in tweets. According to the plan, the current 280 characters will be expanded to 4,000 characters, which will provide ample opportunities for users who want to share extensive information.

Twitter 2.0 continues its transformation and updates to the intended features are gradually being implemented. Previously, Elon Musk mentioned that the platform will expand the number of characters for tweets, although the exact number had not been officially announced. Last Sunday, a Twitter user asked him if it was true that the platform plans to increase the number of characters for each tweet to 4,000, to which he received the answer “Yes.” The introduction of this feature will be a fundamental change that will greatly enhance the application itself.

Although fewer characters forced people to learn how to express themselves concisely and clearly, this was a huge limiting factor for the development of Twitter as an app. From a quick-sharing-of-thoughts app, it is now being transformed into an app for everything. First of foremost, the focus will be on empowering Twitter for content creators, and increasing the number of characters for tweets is part of that.

There are many organizations represented on Twitter, including news outlets. The ability to publish an article directly in a tweet can greatly expand the reach of news, research data, etc. to a wider range of users without having to navigate to another site. However, many news outlets, especially the smaller ones, continue to make money on how many people click on their websites, so it is an open question whether the news will be published entirely on Twitter or not. Musk has previously promised that the platform will provide rewards for content creators, which may be convenient for users who work as individuals rather than organizations, although exact details on the rewards process are not yet available.

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