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Pseudo-Journalists Are Attacking Elon Musk with Lies, but the Harm Is Very Real

Pseudo-Journalists Are Attacking Elon Musk with Lies, but the Harm Is Very Real

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Elon Musk has faced powerful attacks from the media, which are based on lies that are destroying his reputation and the reputation of those around him. Pseudo journalists publish false stories and are unable to confirm them with a single fact.

A lot of adults in developed countries are interested in the latest news every day to keep abreast of events. Most often, they use newspapers or Internet publications for this, as well as watching news channels on TV. Thus, journalists who prepare information have great influence. People expect the described news to be true, as it has been verified by a professional who supposedly works according to the ethical standards of professional journalists.

However, various publications have been mired in lies, publishing fictional stories without fact-checking. The true motives of the journalists, editors, and publications themselves responsible for this remain unclear, but what is very clear: they are destroying the reputation of other people. It is obvious that this is done deliberately, since the publication of false information has the goal of doing harm.

The head of the most disruptive companies in the world, Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, constantly faces hate from the media. Whereas in years past the attacks were mostly directed at his companies, this year they are focused on him personally. In addition, people around Musk have become victims of lies and fictional stories, and now they are also forced to defend their good names, dispelling a bad reputation.

In May 2022, Business Insider published an article that Musk offered his flight attendant a horse in exchange for sexual favors. The report did not contain a single fact, and was based on the story of a person familiar with the case (according to Business Insider), whose identity, of course, was not disclosed. Musk himself denied this information. The publication has not provided any confirmation of the information published in its article to this day. In fact, Business Insider did significant damage to Musk's reputation by portraying him as a lustful man who wants to get sex from women, rewarding them for it. Although the story is not true, many readers of the publication who read it for the latest news still believe that this incident took place.

Earlier this week, WSJ published an article that Musk was having an affair with the wife of Sergey Brin, Nicole Shanahan. It also wrote that the affair was the reason for the couple's divorce and the end of a long-term friendship between the two men. As in the first case, the article was based on information from an anonymous source and did not have a single piece of proof that all the events actually happened. Written based on 100% lies, it was immediately refuted by Musk, who stated that the information in the article was a lie. In addition, he posted a photo of himself with Brin, during their time together at a party that took place the day before the article was published. Both men were in high spirits, enjoying the evening, proving that there was no tension between them, which there certainly would have been if the story published by WSJ had been true.

The article did irreparable harm to Musk's reputation, who may now be perceived by some people as a man who would have sexual intercourse with a friend's wife. In addition, Mrs. Shanahan was also a victim of this lie, who can now be considered by the public as a woman who can easily cheat on her husband with another man.

In addition to the statement and photo evidence from Musk, Ms. Shanahan's lawyer issued a statement that any suggestion that she cheated on Brin with Musk is a lie. “Make no mistake, any suggestion that Nicole had an affair with Elon Musk is not only an outright lie but also defamatory,” Attorney Bryan Freedman told DailyMail.com in an exclusive statement.

The wave of hatred towards Musk has reached a new height, destroying not only his reputation, but also the reputation of people around him. Pseudo-journalists, who have gained access to the opportunity to speak out to the masses, use their influence to cause harm, for which they publish news that contains deliberately false information. It is obvious that they have lost or exchanged their moral values ​​for something else, because destroying the lives of other people with false stories is nothing less than a crime.

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