Gamestop Reveals More Clues About Upcoming NFT Marketplace

von Eva Fox Dezember 31, 2021

Gamestop Reveals More Clues About Upcoming NFT Marketplace

Gamestop, which gained huge fame in 2021, announced that it is entering the world of blockchain technology and non-fungible token (NFT) assets. Gamestop's NFT web portal has recently been updated and asks creators to subscribe to the platform.

In January 2021, the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets sparked a trade war between Gamestop stock and Wall Street hedge funds. Even after Wallstreetbets' influence faded away, Gamestop has managed to maintain its relevance. On December 30, 2020, the shares traded at $19.26 a share, and today the same GME shares are trading at $146.46 a share, which is 655.73% more than a year earlier.

At the end of May, Gamestop revealed a new NFT website showcasing the company's immersion in the world of NFTs. Now, the web portal is looking for NFT creators, which is its next big step. “Calling all creators,” Gamestop's website says. “Request to be a creator on the Gamestop NFT marketplace,” the new description adds.

Gamestop NFT seems to be gearing up to launch, and a series of questions are asked in the creator registration form. The questionnaire asks what the NFT creator would like to be called and whether or not they describe themselves as an “independent artist, creator, game dev, or meme lord.” Gamestop also asks if the person has a website and if they have ever created an NFT. The Gamestop questionnaire further asks the person if they have “ever used an Ethereum wallet before.”

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