SpaceX enters the U.S. retail market, Starlink Kit is now available at The Home Depot

SpaceX enters the U.S. retail market, Starlink Kit is now available at The Home Depot

The Home Depot is an American home improvement retail company that sells construction products, tools, appliances, and services for a wide variety of projects. This week, SpaceX entered the U.S. retail market, the company’s Starlink kit is now available at select The Home Depot stores across the country. Home Depot became an authorized SpaceX Starlink Kit reseller and included the product for sale on its website. The Starlink Kit includes all the hardware necessary to access the satellite internet network – a Standard phased-array antenna, Wi-Fi router, and mounting stand. The kit costs $599 and is available for ‘immediate’ delivery to select Home Depot stores in the United States where there is extended Starlink broadband satellite coverage. In contrast, some people who purchase the Starlink Kit via SpaceX’s website do face a ‘waitlist’ delivery period in some areas. If interested in purchasing the service in the United States, it's worth checking both and Home Depot’s website to compare delivery dates and know if the service is available at a specific address Starlink Coverage Map. Home Depot customers will have access to either the Starlink ‘Mobile’ plan or the basic ‘Residential’ internet plan (information below). Some Home Depot locations already have an ‘Out of Stock’ label on the order Starlink Kit page, indicating high demand for the service.

SpaceX has officially added Home Depot on its ‘authorized commercial retailer or reseller’ list. “Commercial retailers and resellers are authorized to sell Starlink products in all locations where Starlink is licensed and certified,” says the company. It is important to note that the company’s ‘Support’ page does warn that it can only activate Starlink kits purchased from official retailers and not unauthorized companies. The current list of authorized resellers is shown below. 

As of today, SpaceX operates nearly 4,000 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provide internet to over one million subscribers globally. “Starlink offers both fixed and mobile service plans designed to be flexible and meet a variety of internet needs for users and businesses around the globe,” says the company, “With Starlink, there are no contracts and no exclusivity requirements. It's easy to change your plan, purchase more data, and add additional service locations.” The Starlink Internet service tier plans include fixed service for a specific address and ‘on-the-go’ service that enables the user to take their antenna anywhere. The current service plans are: Standard, Priority, Mobile, and Mobile Priority. 

Under the ‘Standard’ Starlink service, the user can expect to have internet download speeds of at least 150 to 200 Mbps (megabits per second) for Residential use at $120 USD per month with the Starlink kit that costs $599. SpaceX says this plan is ‘best for households’. The ‘Mobile’ Starlink service offers similar speeds for $150 per month but the user can take their Starlink kit anywhere, “Best for RV’s, nomads, and campers,” says the company. The ‘Priority’ and ‘ Mobile Priority’ Starlink services are designed for businesses and high demand users, which requires a more expensive antenna that can be used for in-motion vehicles, such as ships and aircraft. See information in the image below, visit to learn more. 

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