SpaceX announces Starlink Internet is available in Italy after Telecom Italia faces major internet outages

SpaceX announces Starlink Internet is available in Italy after Telecom Italia faces major internet outages

On Sunday, February 5th, SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced that Starlink internet service is now available in Italy after Telecom Italia (TIM) faced major internet outages. “High speed internet in more rural and isolated regions in the world. Excellent for 4K streaming, video calls, and online games,” the company wrote in Italian. The internet subscription costs €50 per month and the hardware to access the satellite network is €450 Euros. 

TIM is the largest telecommunications company in Italy and is currently working to fix internet outages across the country. Multiple reports state that thousands of TIM customers experienced outages over the weekend, especially in highly populated cities like Rome and Milan. TIM provides fixed-line internet services that depend on ground infrastructures, unlike SpaceX’s Starlink network which is a constellation of satellites in Low Earth Orbit. Starlink has been available in the country since last year. –“Starlink works perfectly,” shared Andrea Stroppa, an IT cybersecurity engineer who lives in Italy. “TIM has numerous problems and does not work in many areas of the country. It's a good time to switch to Starlink, especially if you live outside the big cities. Order on,” wrote Stroppa in Italian via Twitter. [All quotes in this story were translated to English.]  

SpaceX already operates the world’s largest satellite constellation with around 3,500 internet-beaming Starlink satellites in orbit. The company is working to launch 7,500 more upgraded satellites that will increase the network’s capabilities and make it even more robust. As of today, Starlink is beaming internet data directly to over one million customers globally. Starlink is very easy to install by just plugging in the phased-array antenna and Wi-Fi router to electricity and following simple instructions on the Starlink App.  

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