SpaceX's Starlink Internet Service Reaches New Milestone with 1.5 Million Subscribers Worldwide

SpaceX's Starlink Internet Service Reaches New Milestone with 1.5 Million Subscribers Worldwide
SpaceX's Starlink Internet service reached a new milestone with 1.5 Million subscribers worldwide, the company announced. The milestone comes around 5 months after the company reached its first million customers. On May 5th, SpaceX’s Starlink division shared a video via Twitter featuring Starlink users around the world who use the Starlink service. “Thank you to our 1.5M+ customers around the world!” says the caption. The video features Starlink customers using the service in many remote regions, including: the harsh icy remote regions of Antarctica, out in the wild while camping atop mountains, out at sea, among other locations. 

The video also features cute cats on top of the Starlink dish antenna that is surrounded by snow. It is highly likely that the cats were attracted to sit on the dish because its ‘Snow Melt Mode’ made it very warm. The dish is capable of detecting temperature and it “produces additional heat to mitigate signal attenuation caused by snow build-up on the face of the user terminal,” a company representative said. Watch the video clip below. 

As of today, there are approximately 4,023 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit and the company is launching more satellites almost on a weekly basis to rapidly complete the constellation which could have up to 12,000 satellites. Starlink is ideal for remote regions and rural communities, where traditional internet communications may be unreliable. Because Starlink is a space-based satellite network it is capable of reaching the most remote regions on the planet. Starlink is useful for emergency response teams when a natural disaster strikes. The service is very easy to set-up by simply connecting the Starlink antenna and Wi-Fi router to an electricity source and pointing it at an unobstructed view of the sky. The user then uses an App to set it up and the antenna automatically detects the direction where the satellites are orbiting to reorient itself with its integrated motors. 

The video clip features a user that was able to access Starlink internet in a remote region where there is no electricity by directly connecting it to a car battery, which is great during an emergency situation. In fact, Starlink has been useful for over a year in the war-torn regions of Ukraine during the ongoing Russia invasion. The satellite internet network has helped soldiers and emergency response teams maintain a reliable form of communication to do their best to keep civilians safe. When SpaceX delivered thousands of Starlink kits to Ukraine in early 2022, it also delivered some car cigarette lighter adapters to enable people to power the Starlink antennas with a car’s battery power.

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