SpaceX Starlink Internet supports 100 hours of Fortnite gaming & 50 hours of livestreaming during an Epic Games event at a Spain Castle

SpaceX Starlink Internet supports 100 hours of Fortnite gaming & 50 hours of livestreaming during an Epic Games event at a Spain Castle

SpaceX founder Elon Musk says the Starlink network is “designed to run real-time competitive video games.” To date, the company operates a constellation of around 3,200 satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provide high-speed data with low-latency to over half-a-million subscribers living across all seven continents. Over the weekend, Epic Games hosted a global event to release 'Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1.' This series of the video game features unique episodes that can only be played once, which makes the game special for avid players. The series is played Live (simultaneously) by popular personalities in the gaming community who play with thousands of players from around the world. SpaceX Starlink internet supported around 100 hours of Fortnite gaming and 50 hours of livestreaming during the Epic Games event that took place at the ‘Castillo de Almodovar’ castle located in Spain, and other locations around the world. 

This season of Fortnite features the ‘Anvil Square’ castle that looks similar to the one the event was hosted at. Multiple popular gamers shared on social media that they were invited to the castle to play the newly released game. A Spanish gamer, who goes by the name of ‘Hiper’ on Twitch and YouTube, shared that he had a great time at the gaming event. “I do not forget the technical team that spent 3 days working to make sure everything went well, and SpaceX Starlink for an internet connection that worked perfectly in a bloody castle,” said Hiper via Twitter in Spanish language. “The SpaceX Starlink team was happy to support!” replied SpaceX representatives to the Tweet [all quotes were translated to English]. “~100 hours of gameplay and ~50 hours of streaming were supported via Starlink last weekend, including on Castillo Almodov[ar] in Spain,” shared SpaceX on December 5. The company also shared photos of the beautiful castle with multiple Starlink terminal antennas installed at the top.


SpaceX also shared a short video clip of the Starlink terminals operating in Japan during snowy weather, suggesting that the satellite internet service also supported popular Fortnite gamers in the country. –”And everyone in Japan @LiaqN_ , @Captain_Shota, @Reyekun, Thank you,” tweeted SpaceX (video linked below). Gamers from all over the world participated, SpaceX shared a photo of a Starlink team member with popular Brazilian gamer ‘Zero’ at the medieval castle, as well as a photograph of Starlink antennas supporting German influencer ‘Amar’ and more gamers in Scotland. 



Featured Images Source: SpaceX

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