Tesla owner tries free SpaceX Starlink Internet service at Supercharger Station in California

Tesla owner tries free SpaceX Starlink Internet service at Supercharger Station in California

Featured Image Source: @JustStarman via Twitter 

A Tesla owner tried the free SpaceX Starlink Internet service offered at a Tesla Supercharger station in California. “Starlink found at the Hawthorne Supercharger,” @JustStarman captioned a pair of photographs featuring a squared Starlink antenna installed at the station. The Supercharger station is located next to a Target shopping center on 2700 W 120 Street. They said that Starlink has “great speeds.” He performed an online speed test and Starlink generated download speed of 134.12Mbps (Megabits per second).  

SpaceX founder & Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in October 2021 that Tesla Superchargers would have complimentary Wi-Fi. The company started installing Starlink user terminals to EV charging stations across the United States soon after. Customers started sharing photos of Starlink antennas at Supercharger stations in late-2021, as previously reported by TESMANIAN. It is likely that many more stations were equipped with Starlink in 2022 as SpaceX satellite broadband coverage rapidly expanded across the country. 

SpaceX currently operates approximately 3,300 internet-beaming Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provide high-speed internet service to over one million customers globally. The company also started to beam internet to vehicles in motion, such as RV’s, airplanes, trains, and cruise ships. SpaceX already operates the world’s largest satellite constellation but it is not done launching satellites, the constellation will have at least 12,000 Starlink satellites that will be deployed within the next five years. Visit Starlink.com for more information about the service.

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Featured Image Source: @JustStarman via Twitter 

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