Tesla Files to Add a Battery Line at Fremont Factory

Tesla Files to Add a Battery Line at Fremont Factory

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Tesla applied to add a battery line at Fremont. This is in line with Elon Musk's recent announcement that the Fremont factory plans to expand significantly.

On Tuesday, August 30, Tesla filed to build a new line of battery manufacturing equipment at its Fremont, California plant, according to Teslarati. The permit is titled “Tesla F21-0391-A – CTA Battery B-Build” and describes the project as: “NEW BATTERY MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT LINE ON 2ND FLOOR OF MAIN ASSEMBLY BUILDING. THIS PERMIT APPLICATION RELATES TO THE MODULE PORTION OF THE LINE.” The documents indicate that Tesla is looking to expand its battery manufacturing efforts with new production lines at the Fremont factory. The project is estimated at $1.5 million.

Another application reviewed by Teslarati lists a $1.3 million project to be located on the 1st floor of the assembly building. It includes the installation of a new maintenance office, a storage area, production cells with equipment for hood, fender, and trunk lids, and offline cell manufacturing equipment.

Tesla's efforts are aimed at expanding the factory, which, as many thought, could no longer be expanded. In Fremont, the company uses literally every inch of usable space, getting the most out of it. The factory continues to achieve new production records, despite the grossly inefficient, initial siting of production buildings left after a GM–Toyota joint facility.

At the moment, Tesla has a small production of 4680 battery cells near the main building in Fremont, on Kato Road. However, it was a test line on which the company honed the production process to implement it into large-scale production at all of its factories. Production of the 4680 batteries is expected to begin at Giga Texas this quarter, and by the end of 2022, will exceed production output at Kato Road. After the installation of the equipment is completed, the battery factory at Giga Berlin will also start its work. During this time, Tesla can begin preparations for the production of 4680 battery cells at Fremont, so that eventually each manufacturer's factory has its own production of new battery cells.

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