Tesla Begins Delivering Cars to Leasing Companies in Israel

Tesla Begins Delivering Cars to Leasing Companies in Israel

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Israeli media reported that Tesla has begun supplying cars to leasing companies in the country. Previously, the American manufacturer refused to supply cars to them, giving priority to private customers.

Sources told Globes that Intel employees in Israel received a formal offer from car rental company Eldan to take on a Tesla Model 3 car under an operating lease. Leasing includes electric vehicle charging points and various other services at a monthly employee rate similar to hybrid vehicles in the same price range such as the Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Rav4.

Leasing cars by car rental companies is a hugely popular option in the Israeli market, but Tesla was initially reluctant to prioritize order fulfillment for such companies over private customer orders. Because of this, the manufacturer came under a lot of pressure last year, however it was adamant and continued to satisfy the orders of private customers. This policy of Tesla was primarily due to the fact that the company could not supply so many cars to Israel to meet demand. In addition, the manufacturer would only agree to work with car rental companies on the condition of buying cars at full price, which did not suit them, because they wanted to get discounts.

Most of the Tesla vehicles sold in Israel last year were purchased by private customers in the tech sector as an alternative to leasing deals with their companies, according to Globes. But now it has come to light that Intel employees have gained access to leasing Model 3 vehicles through car rental company Eldan. Tesla is listed in the list of cars available for rent in the company's statement:

"Intel has long been committed to work for the benefit of a range of environmental targets such as the shift to energy use for renewable and green sources. It is clear to everyone that as a chip giant that when talking about the reduction of the environmental footprint is also contained in an obligation to change matters in the transport sector. Already today transportation to our manufacturing plant in Kiryat Gat is carried out by electric vehicles, the company's employees drive electric vehicles of various types such as the Ioniq 5, Aiways, Tesla, Geely, and MG, which we offer as part of the company's leasing plans. With certain models, as part of the plan, employees can receive free home charging points. The feedback that we receive from employees on the decision to include electric vehicles in the vehicle leasing plan has been excellent."

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