Tesla Cybertruck Design Is Finalized & Ready for Production

Tesla Cybertruck Design Is Finalized & Ready for Production

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The Tesla Cybertruck design is finalized and ready for production, said the company's Chief Vehicle Designer Franz von Holzhausen. Production of the pickup truck should begin around the middle of the year, with the first mass deliveries towards the end of 2023.

Franz von Holzhausen joined the Ride the Lightning podcast with Ryan McCaffrey where he talked about many things, including Cybertruck. The electric pickup truck is the most anticipated vehicle of 2023 with 1.5 million pre-orders, according to unofficial figures. Cybertruck's entry into the market was delayed by improvements the team was looking to make and supply chain problems that began during COVID-19. However, in 2023, it seems that these problems are solved, and the production of the pickup truck can begin.

Tesla is a dynamic company that tends to change its products as soon as an improvement is created for them. Therefore, the Cybertruck has also changed many times, from its appearance to the additional equipment and functions, which we will learn about later. In 2022, Elon Musk said that the design of the pickup truck has been completed and is ready for production, although since then, no further confirmation has been received.

During the podcast, von Holzhausen confirmed that the design of Cybertruck has already been finalized and it is nearing production. At the same time, he also did not rule out the possibility that some changes could still be made. Although von Holzhausen himself did not specify a start date for production, he did not mind when McCaffrey gave a date for production as mid-2023, with mass deliveries beginning at the end of the year.

Tesla's chief designer also mentioned that the company has brought features to Cybertruck that have not yet been announced. However, he did not even hint at what these could be, creating additional intrigue. Von Holzhausen confirmed that the company is considering adding a Yoke steering wheel as a standard option. Perhaps this question arose after many of the company's customers continued to prefer the standard steering wheel in the updated Model S and Model X, and so Tesla continued to deliberate which direction to go.

The tooling of Giga Texas for Cybertruck production continues. A few days ago, it was noticed that the Giga Press, with a clamping force of 9,000 tons, has already begun to be assembled, which means that in a couple of months, it can be ready for work.

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