Tesla Cybertruck Huge Single-Piece Castings Spotted at Giga Texas

Tesla Cybertruck Huge Single-Piece Castings Spotted at Giga Texas

Image: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck's huge single-piece castings have been spotted at Giga Texas. This indicates that the calibration and testing of the Giga Press is already underway. The observation also shows that Tesla is ready to start production soon.

The topic of the Tesla Cybertruck stirs the hearts of car fans around the world. The pickup truck, which seems to come from the future, is hotly anticipated among consumers. Cybertruck reservation owners and company investors are looking forward to the start of production of the pickup truck, and are paying close attention to every bit of information that points to development.

Last week, it was noticed that the last part of the stamping machine for the production of Cybertruck had arrived at Giga Texas. This may have been the missing link in order to start test production. The Giga Presses for the production of the pickup truck have been in place for some time, and as recent observations show, they are already working.

On Sunday, Joe Tegtmeyer's/Twitter drone filmed the interior of Giga Texas. It shows huge single-piece castings. The picture shows at least five pieces. It is immediately noticeable that they are significantly different from the single-piece castings for Model Y. The wheel arches look huge and more angular than for Tesla's compact SUV. In addition, at least two of them have the letter “C” written on them, which may indicate that they are for Cybertruck.

The fact that single-piece castings are already in place indicates Tesla is almost ready to begin Cybertruck production. It is likely at least the test production of castings at Giga Press has already begun. In addition, there is also a possibility these are no longer test castings, but units for future production. In any case, the observation indicates that mass production is already very close.

Tesla has scheduled the start of production of Cybertruck for the middle of the year. First deliveries are expected at the end of Q3 2023. Elon Musk warned that a large number of deliveries are not expected this year.

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