Tesla Denies the Lie that its Legal Chief Left the Company

Tesla Denies the Lie that its Legal Chief Left the Company

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Tesla has denied Bloomberg's false claim that its Legal Chief, David Searle, has left the company. The growth in the number of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt), increasingly coming from the media, forced the manufacturer to take an atypical step.

Attacks on Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have escalated in recent months, coinciding with Musk's announcement that he no longer supports the ruling Democrats. In the past months, fictional stories have been published regarding Musk's personal life that he and the affected parties have debunked. But the wave of attacks did not stop, and on Wednesday Bloomberg published another fictional story.

In an article published by the publication, citing three sources, it is reported that the head of the legal department, David Searle, left his post at Tesla less than one month ago, before the annual shareholder meeting held on August 4. Notably, Searle's LinkedIn account information shows that he continues to hold the position despite allegedly leaving the position a few weeks ago. However, apparently this did not concern either the author of the article or the editors of the publication.

Of course, the sources were anonymous, so it is not possible to verify the authenticity of their statements or if they were based in reality. However, Tesla's official Twitter account denied the information contained in the article a couple of hours after it was published on the platform. The flow of lies against the company forced the manufacturer to change its policy.

Tesla's statement is uncharacteristic, as the manufacturer has not previously refuted false claims about itself in this manner. It is a known fact the company does not have a public relations department, so such false articles often remained unrefuted officially. Perhaps this is an isolated event, or perhaps Tesla decided to change its strategy in order to weaken the attacks on itself. In any case, this made all the shareholders of the company and people who support its mission happy, since the use of the official Tesla account to dispel lies is positive news.

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