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Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Official Process of Expansion by Submitting Application

Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Official Process of Expansion by Submitting Application

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Tesla Giga Berlin starts the official process of expansion by submitting an application. The extension refers to an additional 100 hectares of adjacent territory, which is planned to accommodate warehouses and a freight station.

Tesla's planned expansion at Grünheide officially began on Wednesday, May 25, rbb24 reported. The company intends to buy an additional 100 hectares of land located next to the existing one, on the east side, between the RE1 railway line and state roads L23 and L38. In order for Tesla to start building on this site, the Grünheide municipal council must also make changes to the development plan for the site. Therefore, the American manufacturer submitted an application, which was confirmed by the mayor of Grünheide, Arne Christiani. “The municipality of Grünheide has received an application to initiate a Plan B procedure in the immediate vicinity of the current 300 ha Plan B,” he said.

The development plan is a charter that is determined by the municipal council. It regulates what can be built on a piece of land. The Building Code describes a clear procedure for developing a development plan.

It is reported that the main committee of the municipality of Grünheide should consider the application as early as June 2—that is, in one week. Christiani said he sees this as a starting signal for the Plan B process. “During this process, it will become clear whether all the issues that are relevant in such a Plan B process are in line with the wishes of the community representatives,” the mayor said.

Christiani assumes that a majority of the members of the main committee of the municipal council will recommend initiating the process of developing a development plan. He did not expect the outcome of the weigh-in process and a possible bylaws decision to be reached in less than a year.

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