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Tesla Giga Texas Continues to Evolve with New Land Expansion

Tesla Giga Texas Continues to Evolve with New Land Expansion

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Tesla Giga Texas continues to evolve with new land expansion. New documents show the manufacturer is developing a plan to build a 220,000-square-foot warehouse across the Colorado River near the Tesla factory.

Tesla is planning another expansion near Giga Texas as it collects more land for new projects in the factory area. According to recent documents filed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Tesla is currently developing plans to build an $11 million, 220,000-square-foot warehouse across the Colorado River near Giga Texas.

According to the filing, the land is owned by Horse Ranch LLC, which is believed to be related to Tesla CEO Elon Musk through Jared Birchall, who is on the board of the Musk Foundation and is the manager of Tesla and SpaceX chief's family office. He was listed as the manager of Horse Ranch LLC on the property records and in filings with the Texas Secretary of State's office.

The documents indicate that a 220,000-square-foot warehouse at a cost of US$11 million will be built there. Construction on the building is due to begin on June 1, 2022 and the company expects to complete it on June 1, 2023. It should be kept in mind that significant changes can still be made to the project. For example, at Giga Berlin, the building of the battery factory was initially approved as a warehouse and only later received a permit to build a battery factory instead of a warehouse.

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