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Tesla Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo to Be Live-Streamed, Event Entry 'won't be super strict', Says Elon Musk

Tesla Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo to Be Live-Streamed, Event Entry 'won't be super strict', Says Elon Musk

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The Tesla Giga Texas grand opening party will start in a few minutes. Part of the Cyber ​​Rodeo event will be live-streamed, which is the new practice of the manufacturer. The entrance to the party "won't be super strict," says Elon Musk, hinting that some of uninvited people will be able to join.

The most anticipated party in Texas this year starts in a few minutes. It will be dedicated to the opening of a huge Tesla factory, which will create thousands of jobs and annually saturate the automotive market with hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles. Preparations for Cyber ​​Rodeo have been going on for several days now and the scale will be staggeringly large, like everything else in Texas.

Especially for this day, the factory's paint shop has perfected its technique, and now paints cars in all colors except Midnight Silver Metallic. It happened for a reason, with 87 cars painted in Pearl White Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic and Red Multi-Coat, Tesla formed the flag of Texas, the state that welcomed the manufacturer and became its home when California neglected it.

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In addition, the territory of Giga Texas is full of bright surprises that amaze. Tesla puts on two huge scenes. Near one of the scenes, a hemispherical frame was found, impressively large. Not far from it you could see a huge cowboy boot and hat. In addition, there were tall "cacti" that will be a great themed addition to the party.

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Of course, Tesla has prepared a lineup of all its cars, and maybe will even introduce something new during Cyber ​​Rodeo. Tesla Semis, Cybertrucks, Model Ys, and several other undercover vehicles were spotted in the area. Presumably, there is a Model 3, a 1st Generation Roadster, a Next-Generation Roadster, a Model S Plaid, and a Model X, although what appears to be this car is seen without side mirrors.

If you didn't receive an invitation from Tesla, don't get too upset, because you have several alternative options on how to join this epic event. Elon Musk said that "the door won't be super strict," thereby giving hope that some guests who come to Giga Texas will have a chance to get inside, a gesture of goodwill from the generous and hospitable hosts. Doors of the Giga Texas event will be open at 4:00 pm CT and festivities will start at 8:00 pm.

Musk promised that he would speak to the guests around 9:00 pm, and his speech is expected with great anticipation. The head of Tesla is expected to make important informational updates and possibly make some announcements. For those who won't be attending Giga Texas, there is another alternative: Musk's speech will be live-streamed.


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