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Tesla Files New Trademark Application for its 'T' Logo on Branding Iron

Tesla Files New Trademark Application for its 'T' Logo on Branding Iron

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Tesla has filed a new trademark application for its "T" logo, which it wants to feature on a branding iron. New Tesla merch can be purchased today during Cyber ​​Rodeo, along with other exclusive items that are dedicated to the opening of Giga Texas.

Tesla has trademarked the "T" logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which was first seen by Benzinga. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben shared this information on Twitter on April 7. He said that the manufacturer has filed a new trademark application for its "T" logo. In addition, it became known that "T" will be used on branding irons.

Although at the time of the announcement of the information it was completely unclear what was at stake, now everything has become clear. More than one hour ago, a gala party started on the occasion of the launch of Tesla's Giga Texas factory. Thousands of visitors arrived to celebrate this significant event with the Tesla team at Cyber ​​Rodeo. Several people from the community found flyers that offered merchandise for sale. One of the unusual items was Branding Iron, made in warm golden tones.

The branding iron is a long-handled metal rod with a stamp at one end, used for branding livestock, especially cattle, with a registered or recognized symbol or character to indicate ownership. Texas is one of the centers of American cattle breeding, so a branding iron for livestock is often used there. That being said, the Branding Iron also literally features the Tesla brand logo, so the name could be a play on words, and not be intended for branding cattle. Tesla's Branding Iron also makes a great souvenir or collection item, so it is guaranteed to be in demand.

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