Tesla Improves Vehicle Climate Control by Only Blowing Air into Cabin Once Warm

Tesla Improves Vehicle Climate Control by Only Blowing Air into Cabin Once Warm

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Tesla improves climate control by adding the “Climate System Warming Up” feature in a new update. The vehicle will now prevent cold air from blowing into the cabin before it has warmed up sufficiently.

Regardless of the car you have, in colder weather, upon turning on the heat, you first feel a push of cold air. This is unpleasant, especially when you are already cold. However, now, Tesla car owners will no longer experience this discomfort, as the company has resolved the issue with an over-the-air update.

In the 2023.6.9 software update, Tesla has made several important improvements that can significantly increase the satisfaction of using its cars. One of them was the launch of the “Climate System Warming Up.” Its essence lies in the fact that the car will heat the air to the desired temperature before it activates the fan and allows it to be blown into the cabin.

“Your vehicle will now display ‘Warming Up’ above the cabin temperature when the vehicle is waiting for the air in the HVAC system to warm up before turning on the fan.”

Tesla always cares about its customers, which is why it constantly improves the experience of using its cars by improving existing ones and adding new features. Interior heating comfort is an important part of overall customer satisfaction. Along with “Climate System Warming Up,” owners of new Tesla vehicles also have access to a heated steering wheel and interior pre-conditioning. This allows users to warm up the car to a certain temperature in advance, using a mobile application.

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