Tesla Model 3 Is Secretly Tested by Hyundai for Benchmarking

Tesla Model 3 Is Secretly Tested by Hyundai for Benchmarking

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Tesla Model 3 is being secretly overviewed by Hyundai for benchmarking. According to the information, the main goal was to test FSD, however a complete external inspection of the exterior and interior was also carried out.

Hyundai plans to step up its electric vehicle efforts as it is preparing the launch of Ionic 6. The manufacturer's efforts are commendable, as the electrification and rapid replacement of combustion engine vehicles is an important task. To succeed in the field of electric vehicles, Hyundai will need to compete with the undisputed market leader Tesla. Realizing that its electric cars are the most desirable in the world, the automaker decided to learn from Tesla.

@MateenOmair/Twitter, who has five Teslas in his fleet, which he rents out through Turo, has some very interesting information. According to his Twitter thread, a Hyundai employee rented his 2022 Tesla Model 3 LR with FSD installed for a week for “driving locally.” Although the tenant's alleged affiliation with Hyundai was initially unknown, @MateenOmair found out about it through the fact that he noticed suspicious activity from his cars.

For several days in a row, @MateenOmair received notifications in the Tesla App that all car doors remained open. This bothered him, and to appease his curiosity, the owner got access to a live stream. The video showed that the car was in some kind of room equipped as an office, where there was a board with Hyundai inscriptions. On closer inspection, you can even see that another car is standing nearby, however you can see only a very small part of it.

After the renter returned the car, @MateenOmair asked him why the car was just standing with doors/trunks opening/closing. “He smirked and said: ‘Training,’” then he added “at Hyundai,” wrote @MateenOmair. After the owner of the car continued to press for more information, the person replied, “I'm not really supposed to say but it was being used for Research and Training purposes for benchmarking against the Hyundai Ionic 6 prior to its release.” In addition, the alleged Hyundai employee said that his company specifically took this car for “Testing FSD capabilities!”

The renter said that Hyundai managed to achieve a more spacious interior with Ionic 6 and the car will provide access to control the rear passenger seats. However, he acknowledged that the Tesla Model thanks to software updates "blossoms into a flower" over time, while Ionic 6 will stay the same for the most part after purchase.

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