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Tesla Model 3 Saves Life of Driver in Crash After Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Tesla Model 3 Saves Life of Driver in Crash After Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Image: @tesla_barbie/Twitter

A Tesla Model 3 saved the life of its driver, who fell asleep at the steering wheel and crashed, once again proving its safety. The owner intends to buy another one, as the safety of Tesla vehicles is impressive.

Unfortunately, car accidents continue to occur, as human drivers are subject to various external influences. They may be distracted, emotional, or very tired. That is why cars must be designed to provide the highest degree of protection to their occupants in the event of an accident.

@tesla_barbie/Twitter shared with Tesmanian the story of how her 2022 Tesla Model 3 saved her life in a collision. On the eve of the accident, she spent a sleepless night and returned home the next day at 2:45 am. Fatigue overcame her and she fell asleep right at the steering wheel at a speed of about 45-50 mph. The car crashed into a tree that was growing on the side of the road, and @tesla_barbie woke up from loud noises and shaking. She remembers how the car kept moving, crashing into a few more small trees growing there until the vehicle crashed into a metal kayak trailer.

All Model 3 airbags were deployed to provide reliable protection. As a result, @tesla_barbie only sustained non-life-threatening injuries. After suffering a mild concussion, a few bruises and abrasions, she should make a full recovery in just a few weeks. The superior protection afforded by her Tesla car has given @tesla_barbie the ability to continue living life to the fullest, which might not have happened if she had been involved in an accident in another car. @tesla_barbie also owns another car, a Jeep, and said she thinks that she did not survive if she were in it.

”I fell asleep driving home super late, after having no sleep the night before. If I would have driven my Jeep, I would be dead.”

For Tesla, the safety of its vehicles is paramount. All of them are designed to be the safest in the world. Tesla vehicles, designed with an all-electric architecture, offer a very low chance of rollover and driver injury. The patented side sill design supports the chassis, absorbing impact energy and protecting passengers and the battery. The rigid body and reinforced battery help to reduce and prevent intrusion into the cabin. Large empty spaces in front and behind soften the impact, reducing the risk of injury to passengers. Less intrusion into the passenger compartment helps save space for the airbags to fully deploy and protect occupants.

@tesla_barbie said that instead of a crashed Model 3, she will buy another one for herself. She is very grateful to Elon Musk for taking care to develop such safe cars.

“I wrecked my Tesla yesterday at 3 am. I'm heartbroken, this was terrible. But the car and its airbags saved my life, thank you Elon for making your vehicles so safe during collisions.”

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