Tesla Model Y Added to Sykesville, MD Police Department Fleet

Tesla Model Y Added to Sykesville, MD Police Department Fleet

Photo: The city of Sykesville

Tesla vehicles are increasingly becoming the choice for police departments. The Sykesville, Maryland, Police Department added Tesla Model Y to their fleet because the vehicle best suited their requirements and will have a long service life as well as low operating costs.

The city of Sykesville announced via its website that it has acquired a Tesla Model Y as its next addition to its police patrol fleet. The city said it spent one year researching the reliability and effectiveness of electric vehicles in police operations in other jurisdictions before making a decision.

Model Y was chosen because it met the internal space requirements that would accommodate a police officer, patrol equipment, and the potential transport of detainees. The City expects to achieve overall savings by using Tesla Model Y over the next ten years compared to a standard combustion engine cruiser. Their comparisons, in the table below, are based on the actual amounts the city has spent on existing police vehicles.

Though the upfront cost is higher, by year three the Tesla Model Y will have already offset the difference in the increased initial purchase and will begin saving the Town more money over the useful life in the patrol fleet. Model Y is estimated to have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Upfitting costs for the vehicles for lights, sirens, and radios are not listed as they are similar totals. The city said that much of the Model Y upgrade equipment was generously donated by Major Police Supply (based in New Jersey), whose national sales manager is a Sykesville resident, so it provided the city with additional savings.

The city also pointed out that, in addition to the financial benefits, the Tesla has no CO2 emissions, has a 5-star safety rating with advanced collision avoidance technology, has more storage space for police equipment than a typical cruiser, and has virtually no maintenance, which will increase its time on patrol.

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