Tesla Model Y Arrives in Ireland, First Deliveries Coming Soon

Tesla Model Y Arrives in Ireland, First Deliveries Coming Soon

Photo: @shortword/Twitter

The first Tesla Model Ys have arrived to Ireland and deliveries will start very soon. Once Giga Berlin is launched, car deliveries will become more frequent and stable to meet the growing demand in Europe.

Cargo vessels with Tesla Model Y onboard moored off the coast of Ireland. According to Tesla ship tracker @mortenlund89/Twitter, Hyperion Ray and a New Ireland-specific ship were carrying the compact SUVs for the local market. The unloading of the ships has already begun and the first Model Ys have landed on Irish soil. On Monday, Twitter user @shortword shared photos from the port. They show red, white, and black Model Ys rolling off the ship.

Demand for Model Y continues to grow and the company is looking to expand supplies to all markets. At the moment, Tesla’s Chinese factory has taken on the bulk of the delivery of cars, including Model Y around the world. In January alone, Giga Shanghai shipped 59,845 units, up 286.5% year-over-year, of which 40,499 were for export. According to recent information, Giga Berlin is expected to receive its final building permit later this week, which means that the factory will be able to partially meet the demand for Model Y in the European market.

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