Tesla Model Y Added to the Fleet of Perry Police Department, NY

by Eva Fox March 01, 2022

Tesla Model Y Added to the Fleet of Perry Police Department, NY

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Tesla Model Y has joined the fleet of the Perry Police Department, New York state, as it strives to do its part to reduce its carbon footprint. The car was chosen as the best, during a study of options for several models of electric vehicles.

The city of Perry in upstate New York has added a Tesla Model Y to its local police department to go greener. Chief Michael Grover was initially skeptical that an electric car would be a good fit for the police, but later changed his mind after driving a Model Y. “I was a little on the fence about it until I got in it,” he said The Daily News. “It's a great car. We did research on electric cars and found this one to be the most reliable.”

In order to replenish the fleet of the police, the Tesla Model Y Long Range was chosen. The purchase of the vehicle cost approximately $55,000 with a government rebate of $7,500. Model Y has a range of 318 miles, which is more than enough for a typical shift. Grover said a typical shift lasts 12 hours, after which the car is charged overnight before the next shift. Per shift, patrolmen usually travel no more than 125 miles.

The Perry Police Department currently operates a fleet of three Ford Taurus sedans. However, having had a great experience driving Tesla Model Y, Grover hopes to replace them in the future with electric vehicles. At the moment, Model Y has been in operation by the police station for about a month.

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