Tesla Offers 50% Charging Rate Cut to Texas Customers During Off-Peak Hours to Reduce Load on State Power Grid

Tesla Offers 50% Charging Rate Cut to Texas Customers During Off-Peak Hours to Reduce Load on State Power Grid

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In Texas, Tesla is offering a 50% charging rate cut to customers during off-peak hours at some of its Superchargers. The measure is aimed at reducing the load on the power grid of the state, which is now home to Tesla.

Tesla sent out an email to its customers in Texas with a tempting offer. @GailAlfarATX/Twitter, Tesla owner and Texas resident shared its content. The company offered a 50% discount on charging on some of its Superchargers in the state during off-peak hours. Customers can view the list of available ones by clicking on the in-car touchscreen map. Gail showed that charging under these conditions is available until 11 am and after 8 pm.

Texas is currently facing very high temperatures and heat waves. Residents are forced to escape using air conditioners, which puts a particularly high load on the state's power grid during the day. Since the main activity of people falls during the daytime hours, Tesla Superchargers are also more loaded during the day, which creates an additional load on the power grid. With this step, the company encourages its customers to use Superchargers during those hours when charging stations are usually not loaded, which means that the load on the power grid will be distributed more evenly throughout the day.

Since Texas is home to Tesla, the state is benefiting from it in a number of ways. As a truly caring member of the family, Tesla tries to help in the areas it can. The Texas power grid has many problems and has let Texans down multiple times. This is exactly the place where drastic improvements are needed and Tesla can provide them. The company has already built one big energy storage battery that is stabilizing the Texas grid and another is just around the corner. In addition, the manufacturer intends to create a virtual power plant from households with Powerwalls, which will also support the state's power grid during critical events.

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