Tesla Officially Opens Superchargers in the US for All EVs

Tesla Officially Opens Superchargers in the US for All EVs

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Tesla is officially opening its Superchargers in the US to all EVs, retrofitting them with the “Magic Dock.” Non-Tesla electric vehicle owners can now unlock the CCS1 adapter at the Supercharger and charge their electric vehicles using the Tesla App.

Tesla has finally opened up its Superchargers to electric vehicles from other manufacturers in the US. It was a welcome move that EV owners were looking forward to. Since the Tesla charging connector is a work of art that no one in the industry has been able to replicate, the company had to go to extra lengths to realize the dream of non-Tesla EV owners of charging at Superchargers. The manufacturer has developed a Magic Dock that unlocks the elegant charging connector for Tesla and the bulkier CCS1 for other EVs.

The company officially announced the opening of its Superchargers in the US on March 1. Prior to that, in the past few days, Tesla owners in New York state reported seeing numerous Magic Docks installed on Superchargers. u/MaleficentRefuse1587/Reddit even shared a video of a Rivian owner charging his car with the Supercharger, which was easy and effortless. Using the Tesla App, he unlocked the cable with the CCS1 adapter and was able to easily plug it into the car. After charging is complete, non-Tesla car drivers must press the button on the top of the CCS1 adapter to unlock the plug and return it to the “Magic Dock.”

For now, Tesla has only opened some Superchargers in the US, which are located in New York and California, according to the app. However, over time, their number will gradually increase.

“We’re starting with a select number of sites so that we can review the experience, monitor congestion and assess feedback before expanding. Future sites will only be opened to non-Tesla vehicles if there is available capacity.”

There are two fee options for non-Tesla electric vehicles:

  • Pay per use: dynamic price per kWh
  • Pay per use with an additional $12.99/month subscription: lowered price per kWh

“Pricing for non-Tesla drivers reflects additional costs incurred to support charging a broad range of vehicles and adjustments to our sites to accommodate these vehicles. Rates vary by site, and you can view charging prices in the Tesla app. The per kWh price to charge can be reduced with a membership charging.”

At Investor Day, Tesla announced that it has begun rolling out Supercharger V4, starting from Europe. According to the statement, it will not have any very significant changes that require a special explanation. However, its main difference will be an extended cable, which will allow more and different electric vehicles to charge at Superchargers no matter where its charging port is located. At the moment, this is a problem for some owners, who are forced to take up two lots or drive onto a lawn to get the charging port closer to the connector.

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