Tesla Powerwall Owners Can Benefit the Grid & Earn Money in Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island with ConnectedSolutions Program

Tesla Powerwall Owners Can Benefit the Grid & Earn Money in Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island with ConnectedSolutions Program

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Tesla Powerwall owners can benefit the grid and earn money in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island with the ConnectedSolutions Program. Earn money with Powerwall and create a cleaner and more reliable grid, the company urges.

ConnectedSolutions is a program that reduces overall electricity consumption during periods of high demand using connected energy storage devices such as Powerwall. Tesla is working with National Grid, Eversource, and Cape Light Compact in different states to bring together hundreds of Powerwalls to create a virtual power plant for clean grid support.

The ConnectedSolutions registration application is currently open. At the moment, the program operates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. It gives you the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars every year by participating, and knowing that you are contributing to a cleaner and more reliable grid.

By combining Powerwall with solar panels, customers can unlock additional incentives in all three states. In some cases, these programs can significantly reduce the cost of solar energy and completely cover the cost of Powerwall.

The program is designed to:

  • Earn value from your Powerwall
  • Increase grid stability
  • Reduce fossil fuels and support the transition to a renewable-based economy
  • All while maintaining your ability to draw energy from your Powerwall if you need it

ConnectedSolutions is a performance-based program. Earnings will be based on your average power input during peak events.
The highest-earning Powerwall system will be one that is paired with enough solar generation to completely recharge the battery every day. These systems will be able to discharge the most capacity during events. If there is plenty of solar generation to recharge the batteries, then Powerwall could earn as much as $700 a year in MA and CT, and $1,000 a year in RI by participating in ConnectedSolutions.

Powerwall systems not paired with solar generation will not be allowed to export power to the grid, but will still be able to discharge to serve home load. This limitation will greatly reduce the earning potential, but if the home load during events averages 1kW, Powerwall can still earn as much as $200 a year in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and $290 a year in Rhode Island.

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