Tesla Semi Has a Modular Battery Pack that Opens Up More Possibilities for the Manufacturer

Tesla Semi Has a Modular Battery Pack that Opens Up More Possibilities for the Manufacturer

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Tesla Semi has a modular battery pack, as revealed by the electronic parts catalog. This makes it easier to produce the truck in variants with different ranges.

Exactly a month has passed since the first deliveries of Tesla Semi, but we still do not know a lot of information about it. In particular, questions about its battery pack was of great interest, but detailed answers have not yet been received. However, a small nugget of information has been unearthed by @greentheonly/Twitter, who likes to dig into the manufacturer's car software codes.

This time @greentheonly looked at Tesla Semi's electronic parts catalog, which became available after the first deliveries took place. He found a lot of interesting information about Semi, which also included a picture of the truck's battery pack. It showed that Semi's battery pack is modular and consists of three subpacks, which can be a big advantage.

A modular battery pack can be useful when the battery pack offers a very large capacity, which is true of Tesla Semi, and when the capacity is broken up into smaller parallel battery packs, there is no additional cost. When a manufacturer has multiple products in production, each with their own specific energy needs, such as vehicles with different ranges, they may use one module for a one car model and two or three modules for another one. For now, Tesla has introduced a 500-mile version of Semi that uses three subpacks. Obviously, when the 300-mile version is released, the manufacturer will use only two subpacks. This solution allows Tesla to purchase only one battery code per application, simplifying the supply chain, which is a definite plus.

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