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Tesla to Hold Grand Opening Ceremony for Giga Texas on April 7

Tesla to Hold Grand Opening Ceremony for Giga Texas on April 7

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The good and long-awaited official news about Giga Texas is here. Tesla will hold a grand opening ceremony for the factory—Giga Fest—on April 7, according to Elon Musk.

Tesla's newest and largest factory, located in Texas, will open its doors to visitors on April 7, 2022, as announced by the CEO of the company, Elon Musk. The Tesla community, which is not indifferent to the development of the manufacturer and its success, will have the opportunity to see firsthand the majestic factory that will produce the most modern cars of our time. Initially, Model Y will be produced there, and later the iconic Cybertruck, Semi, Model 3, and probably other new models.

Giga Fest is a highly anticipated event and the Tesla community has already come up with a format that would be good for this event. In particular, the enthusiasts talked about the fact that there should be a dance party and a great barbecue, which is a feature of Texas. At the moment, the manufacturer has not made any official announcement about the format of the party, but it is expected that it will be something fun and unusual—Tesla’s specialty. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that guests will have the opportunity to get a test drive of the Giga Texas-produced Model Y.

As expected, all guests will be invited by the manufacturer and invitations will be sent out shortly. When Tesla hosts a celebration at its new home, it is logical to assume that only true friends, that is, those who support the company in its development, will be invited. There are a lot of such people in the Tesla community. Thousands of people around the world daily talk about the achievements of the manufacturer, acquaint other people with information about the company and its mission, fight false information circulating in the media and social networks, and millions are the owners of the manufacturer's cars.

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