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Tesla to Launch Strikes Reset for FSD Beta

Tesla to Launch Strikes Reset for FSD Beta

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Tesla will make it possible to have strikes reset for FSD Beta. This feature is coming and will allow testers who were kicked out of the testing program to rejoin to contribute to the development of the feature.

Tesla owners who were previously members of the FSD Beta testing program, but were kicked out of it, now get hope that they could return. @AGiovanni_1/Twitter asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk to allow strikes to be reset for FSD Beta. On Sunday, Musk replied that this will be “coming,” hinting that the manufacturer is already working on it.

Musk later added that the strikes reset option could be available next week. Although he wrote, “Hopefully, this week,” on Sunday, August 28, he probably meant next week, which starts on August 29.

Tesla's safety system for selecting testers for its FSD Beta is strict. Drivers must achieve a high Safety Score before being able to submit a feature request. After the feature is received, drivers must be extremely attentive while driving and ready to take control at any second. This requires them to keep their eyes on the road at all times, without being distracted by other activities—such as, for example, looking at their phone.

However, not all drivers can fully comply with the requirements, sometimes through their own fault, or sometimes for reasons beyond their control. If the system detects that the driver was inattentive, they will receive a strike. Prior to FSD Beta 10.8.1, having three strikes invalidated the tester's ability to participate in the program. Tesla faced criticism for being too strict, and after the update, the number of strikes was increased to five.

However, some drivers who have already received five strikes and have been kicked out of the program still want to continue participating in the testing. Some of them have probably already learned from their past driving experience, and became more attentive if their deliberate violations really caused strikes. With this in mind, and that FSD Beta has already improved, it is a prudent move to return them to the program. Sooner or later, FSD Beta will be distributed even more widely, so it is wise to let it be tested by those who want and now appreciate this opportunity.

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