Tesla to Offer Apple Music in its Vehicles with V11 Software Update

Tesla to Offer Apple Music in its Vehicles with V11 Software Update

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Tesla will bring the long-awaited Apple Music to its vehicles with the V11 software update. The vehicle with the new software is already on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum at the Tesla exhibition.

Tesla has prepared surprises for its customers in the upcoming software update. According to @aaronjcash/Twitter, the company will be adding the long-awaited Apple Music to its vehicles with the V11 (v2020.40.50) software update. He attended the Opening Preview Party at the Petersen Automotive Museum, which took place on the evening of November 19, before the exhibition opened to the public on November 20. @aaronjcash had noticed that in the test vehicle was an Apple Music icon on the screen. When he tapped it, a pop-up window with a QR code appeared in which it prompted to sign in to an Apple Music account. Apparently, Apple Music will be part of the holiday update, as hinted at by the image of Santa Claus in a Tesla-sleigh on the display.

Rumors that Tesla is working on adding Apple Music as a new music streaming service to its cars have been around for a long time. In late 2020, hacker @greentheonly discovered that the service could be added to cars, but did not expect it to happen soon. By the looks of it, he was right, as Apple Music's arrival could only happen two years after the hint was originally discovered.

Elon Musk is known to all of us not only for his engineering talent, and the fact that he is the CEO of several successful companies, but also because he is a music lover. He even recorded two tracks himself, which only emphasizes his creativity and connection with music. As a true music lover, he appreciates high-quality sound, which is why Tesla cars are equipped with an outstanding audio system. That is why your Tesla is the perfect place to enjoy music and sound quality. And so it makes sense to expand access to various streaming services. Some of these services are already available in Tesla vehicles, but the very popular and convenient for many Tesla owners Apple Music is still not available. Obviously, this will change soon.

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