Tesla Starts Official Delivery of First Model S & X Vehicles to Customers in Europe this Week

Tesla Starts Official Delivery of First Model S & X Vehicles to Customers in Europe this Week

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Tesla is set to officially deliver the first Model S and Model X to customers in Europe this week, although some have already received their vehicles.

Tesla customers in Europe are looking forward to the delivery of their Model S and Model X, which have already arrived in Europe. Although hundreds of vehicles have already been delivered, it remains unknown to whom exactly. For example, Tesmanian noted that in November, only in Germany, 106 Model S and 35 Model X were delivered, which were repeatedly noticed by the locals. In addition, cars have been seen in other European countries. Perhaps they were delivered to Tesla employees or were registered as cars for test drives. However, at least one private customer is known to have already received a Model X Plaid delivery in Hannover, Germany.

Numerous posts on the German TFF forum show that Tesla vehicles have already been spotted at delivery centers across the country. Employees of the company, in response to a question about the date of delivery, said the cars are still being prepared before being handed over to customers in order to be in perfect condition. The first official deliveries to Hamburg are scheduled for Wednesday, which is the earliest date known so far. Hundreds of vehicles are expected to be delivered before the end of the year, and another vessel carrier loaded with Model S and Model X has already departed the US to deliver even more vehicles to European customers.

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