The Boring Company Hyperloop Location

The Boring Company Hyperloop Location

The Boring Company’s most recent Tweets revealed pictures of their newest Hyperloop test track tunnel with a white Tesla model 3 at the mouth of the Hyperloop.



There is speculation as to where exactly the newest Tunnel is located.  Very likely it is in Texas, where the Boring Company has relocated Headquarters along with other Companies Elon Musk leads.  It possibly is part of the Project Echo, a secret project shared by Newsgroup DriveTeslaCanada, site which has a Boring Tunnel in full view of the new supposed SpaceX property in Texas very close to TBC Texas property. The Boring Company, shared a picture of the same tunnel mound seen as part of Project Echo, speaking to the Prufrock II capabilities. 


The older 2016 Hyperloop, one mile tunnel, is located just outside of SpaceX’ Headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Those tunnels, used for highly competitive Hyperloop International Engineering Team Competitions 2015-2019 and the Not-a-Boring Machine Challenge 2021, have since been changed back into extra parking at SpaceX Hawthorne, as of 2022. 

As per the Boring Company’s website

Hyperloop is an ultra-high-speed public transportation system in which passengers travel in autonomous electric pods at 600+ miles per hour. Boring Company tunnels support both Loop and Hyperloop systems.

The Hyperloop idea was started in 2013 and shared via Elon Musk’s published 58 page Hyperloop Whitepaper. As stated by the TBC website

Loop today, hyperloop tomorrow.

Ideal transportation alternative for regional / long-haul travel
Statewide and intra-city mass transit system solution

The idea of intra-city mass transit shared by Elon Musk in an August tweet. 


Maybe, we are seeing the beginning of an intra-city test Hyperloop in the tweeted Hyperloop photo with the white Tesla Model 3. Multiple possibilities with the Boring Company having many projects it’s starting and completing. 

“It is the fastest way to get between one downtown and another with known physics (and the Standard Model is proving quiet resilient)!” — Elon Musk
(Twitter comment about Hyperloop)

The Boring Company specializes in the Loop and Hyperloop systems. The Loop systems are currently being fully builtout in a vast underground system in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more of these tunnel Loops and projects you can find them on The Boring Company website.

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