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2021-2022 Tesla Model S Soft Cooler
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2021-2022 Tesla Model S Soft Cooler

  • 2021-2022 Tesla Model S Soft Cooler

    Click HERE to download instruction to prep the cooler.
    1. Heavy Duty Nylon shell with waterproof material
    2. Lightweight and durable, puncture and tear resistant
    3. Upgraded waterproof and leakproof cooler zipper
    4. Made with Eco-Friendly, non toxic, odorless and recyclable materials
    5. UV resistant to prevent fading
    6. Comes with a glass bottle beverage opener
    7. 2 ways to carry: using straps or grab the side handles
    8. Includes 2 ice packs and 1 zipper lubricant to lubricate the zipper teeth. (Must Lubricate Before FIRST Use)
    9. Fits into 2021-2022 Tesla Model S Front Trunk
    1. 2022 Tesla Model S (Frunk)
    2. 2021 Tesla Model S (Frunk)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Tom Swan (Dallas, US)
Soft cooler

Well built. Perfect fit.

Howard Fankhauser (Marysville, US)
Model Y soft cooler fits like a glove

We used the cooler the day after it arrived - it works like a champ! Prior to finding and buying your cooler, I spent far too much time trying to find a cooler that would fit the space - this is by far the best fit for our Model Y Frunk! Thank you! One comment: you might consider adding a note regarding cleaning of the interior surface - what to use or NOT use, should there be a bit of food, etc. to be wiped off. Not a criticism, but merely a suggestion.

Michael Nhep (Saint Paul, US)
Better than expected

Ordered this for a long road trip and 8 hours later everything was just as cold as when it was left.

Jason S (Amsterdam, NL)
Impressive, so far.

I haven't really put this cooler to a proper test, but I did place 5 frozen ice packs in the cooler, leaving the cooler for 24 hours in my Tesla Model 3's trunk well. The car was parked in an open carport and was exposed to temperatures exceeding 90F Degrees. When I retreived the ice packs, I found them to be about 60% frozen. So, I expect that if I place pre-chilled items in the cooler with frozen ice pack, everything should remain chilled.

Carl Mehalic (Knoxville, US)
Trunk compartment cooler for Tesla model Y

Fits nicely into the trunk compartment of my 2022 Tesla model Y , made well for a soft cooler

Ismael Olmeda (Brooklyn, US)

Tesla Model 3 Soft Cooler - Version 2

Daniel Whitley
Tasmanian cooler

Great for anything not too tall!

Jeff ARMSTRONG (Kansas City, US)
Versatile cooler that works well.

First, this cooler fits in the lower trunk and frunk of my 2022 MY. That’s great for being able to adapt to where we need it. Second, in our first use (so far), it kept things cold with the ice packs for more than a day, but we’ll probably opt for ice if we were just keeping cans or sealed items cold.

Cody Scott (San Antonio, US)
Good heavy duty

Good heavy duty cooler. Keeps stuff cool for a good while.

Kevin Gellenbeck (Poway, US)
Works Well

This cooler is sized just right to fit both in the frunk and the rear storage well in the back of the Model Y. It also has pretty good insulation to stay cool though being in the frunk in the sun greatly shortens the time it is effective. Only knock, it is pretty expensive for a cooler...