Pets Dog Seat Cover for Tesla Model Y & Model 3

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  1. This premium quality pet seat cover is tailor-made for the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your upholstery is protected from pet hair, dirt, and spills with an easy-to-clean design. Enjoy comfortable long drives with your four-legged companion!
  2. Visible Mesh Window - The Pets Dog Seat Cover provides superior protection and ventilation for your pet during car rides. This dog seat cover features a visible mesh window to allow better air circulation, helping your pet stay calm and relaxed while you're on the road.
  3. Protect your Tesla Model Y and Model 3 interior from dirt and spills with this Pets Dog Seat Cover. Crafted from 600D oxford material with water-resistant coating and TPU for superior protection, it also boasts side flaps for complete coverage to keep your car clean.
  4. With a non-slip rubber bottom and seat anchors, it will keep your dog securely in place, even on the roughest of rides.
  5. Made with machine washable material, it offers a quick and easy cleanup after a long road trip. Experience the comfort of a well-protected interior, free from dirt and wear-and-tear damage.
  6. Fitment: Tesla Model Y (5 or 7 Seater) and Model 3 (Rear Seat)


Ultra White Car Seat Suggestions:
  1. Polyurethane is a very durable coating for car seats, but it is not 100% impervious to staining, especially for your ultra white Tesla Seats. Chemicals/inks/dyes/Jean/etc can stain polyurethane. We suggest applying ceramic coating on your white seats to provide an additional barrier before installing this product.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews

Well thought out product. Thick material. The addition of velcro tabs to connect the mats to the carpet to keep them in place is perfect

Stephen C (Oregon, United States)
rear seat dog cover

Overall good quality for the price. I would like the mesh screen to have a zipper on each side as the dog trips on it when getting in the car seat. Dog can't jump and goes to floor then seat and trips as the screen is half down and half up

Joan Blumenfeld (California, United States)
great cover

Well made, great price, and works well with the Model 3. The part that sits behind the front seats keeps my dog, who is fairly large, from inching his way between the seats to be up front, but he can see over it to look out the front window.


Great product. Wish the Velcro stayed on a bit better but other than that it’s great.

John Ellsworth (California, United States)
Amazing product

I have been waiting for a product that was for Tesla model x 6 seater to transport my 2 English bulldogs. This cargo liner was amazing and even kept them in the back the entire time. Thanks for an amazing product!

Mary Morris (Tennessee, United States)
Pet seat cover

I wish it had a hard bottom. It’s super easy to install, fits well but my French bulldog unzips the sides easily


I have a Siberian Husky and this floor mat makes cleaning up the hear so much easier. It is also very nice that it covers the bumper, when letting the dog jump in.


Great seat cover, good quality and price. Fast and efficient shipping


Didn’t fit/work for my 2024 model x. Tried to email them for help in returning but they make me pay return shipping! This is a large heavy item. So I feel they should pay shipping. I was told I could have a $10 credit if I keep it. Lame return policy when the product isn’t as advertised. I understand having me pay return shipping if I just decided I didn’t want it. But that’s not the case. I’d attach pictures to this review if that was an option to show you how it absolutely does not work, but I don’t see that option. There’s no place to hang the strap on the ends as my model X has no dry cleaner hooks…except in the middle of the roof where the wing door meets which would pull the ends in towards the center of the car. When my dog leans on the front vent section, the zipper unzips. Why even have a zipper there?!? The zipper is on the dogs side too! Poor design. So now I’m stuck with a product that doesn’t work for my vehicle. I would not suggest this for anyone with a 2024 model x!!

Anne Biege Pearson (California, United States)
Pets Dog Seat Cover Model Y Tesla

Perfect size and fit for our Tesla Y. Keeps my 120 lb. dog away from seats and slobbering on the windows and car seats