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Screen Protector for Tesla Model Y & Model 3
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Screen Protector for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 - Tempered Glass

    1. Custom Design Screen Protector for Tesla Model Y and Model 3
    2. High-transparency provides clear visual experience and display quality
    3. Made with Premium Tempered Glass material to protect against scratches
    4. Fitment: Tesla Model Y and Model 3

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Customer Reviews

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EZ install, great product!

Turned of A/C & vent fans before install to reduce floating dust particles. Cleaned screen as best as possible before using wet & dry wipes included w/product. Achieved near perfect install. Width is precise. Height is ever so slightly smaller.

Note: If you wear polarized sunglasses, you can expect a slight rainbow effect that is common with polarized lenses when viewing thru this screen. Not an issue for me, but some might take issue.


Screen saver won’t be installed for 3 weeks. New car delivery

Screen protector

Works really well but was a little bit difficult to install

Quality screen protector.

Very pleased. Can't tell its there but I know its doing its job. thanks.

Great product

Love the fitting

Great product, no bubbles, easy to install once you figure out the trick

The glass protector is amazing and installs beautifully, once you figure out the trick.

I had trouble with debris getting under the glass while installing. To get around this:

1. Turn off all air in the car. Set screen to screen clean mode.
2. Get a long piece of painter's tape - a few inches longer than the screen is tall.
3. Wash and clean the screen, align the glass and install.
4. You will have debris get under the glass - it just can't be helped.
5. Lift up a corner of the glass and the dust will typically come with it - the dust will stick to the glass, not the screen.
6. Slide the painter's tape under the glass, with the sticky side pointed towards the glass protector.
7. Shimmy the tape back and forth until you get the tape under a dust mote - once the tape is underneath, press the glass against the tape; the dust will stick to the tape.
8. Lift up the glass and shimmy the tape along the length of the screen until you get all the dust. You might have to come in from a few different sides to get everything.
9. Enjoy!

Tesla Y screen protector is great

It was easy to to install, fits perfectly, and works like a charm what else could you want?

Good Screen Protector

It's pretty good, but it doesn't stop the glare at all. After 1 day, I realized I needed the matte to keep glare away

Screen protector- Model Y

It is working well....would recommend product. Price could be cheaper tho


Screen Protector for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 - Tempered Glass