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Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade
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2021 Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade - Version 2

  • Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade - Version 2
    1. Additional UV/Heat Insulation further reduces heat transmission into the cabin

    1. Custom Design Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof (Front and Rear)
    2. Made with lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame
    3. Durable and blocks about 80% of sunlight, effectively reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    4. Rear sunshade covers 3/4 of the rear glass roof and able to view the back through the rear view mirror
    5. Easily removable, the Model 3 sunshades are installed onto the interior of the glass roof with clips
    6. Sunshade is collapsible and store in the provided pouch
    7. Fitment: 2021 Tesla Model 3 Front and Rear Glass Roof
    1. 2021 Tesla Model 3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Dude Hammer (Ironton, US)
Keeps car much cooler

I was burning up precious battery on the 90+ degree days. Battery consumption is much less now that roof shades are installed.

Great roof shade

Fits perfectly on my model 3. Makes a huge difference and shipped to me right away.

David Snowdy (Oxford, US)
Sun shade - happy!

I’d wanted a little more sun blocking during the summer months. These shades are inexpensive but very effective. I was surprised to find that total blackout attachments were also included. Very simple to install.

Paul Spitsen (Rancho Santa Margarita, US)
Sunshade is Great

Works as advertised and installs easily. A life saver in the hot summer months.

Alex Bonine (Palm Springs, US)
A Must Have

I wouldn’t live in SoCal without one. Makes a huge difference in the cabin temp and I only use the back screen, not the silver reflective cover. Fits the 2021 Model 3 perfectly!

Zachary Fisher (Brooklyn, US)
Great shades

They fit perfectly and include a reflective cover. The only issue is that they are difficult to get in the first time but the second time was easy. Shipped fast too. I had them theee days after ordering.

Joe Cicchese

2021 Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade - Version 2

Denis Balic (Salt Lake City, US)
Great performance, design and fit. Questionable durability.

The product works great for keeping the interior of the car cooler. It also fits really well and looks good as if part of the car. I especially like the retainer clips. Great idea. However I am worried about the quality of the fabric, the stitching and just general durability of the product after repeated installation and removal. I foresee tears where the clips are mounted. Installing the product requires a bit of force. That could lead to fabric damage. Overall I'm happy with it.

Brandon Fried (Chevy Chase, US)
Good Product, No Instructions

Once you figure out the purpose of the clips and how to install the shade, it's a good product. However, with no instructions in the box, understanding the installation process is a challenge.

Akash Shah (Lawrence, US)
Great Sunshade. Thick Material and Sturdy fit

Great Sunshade. Bit pricey but wont disappoint. It’s well worth it keeps car cool and durable quality